Architecture, landscape and still life forms are my aesthetic inspirations while the paintings are representational of familiar objects; I diverge from realism in my personal interpretation of the emotional mood these objects represent for me on any given day.

  Arranging the composition on a canvas into something that has vibrating color and skewered forms so that the painting has a “life of its own,” is a stylistic goal of mine.  

My aesthetic goals are to have the elements of visual weight balanced by color, texture, proportion, value, 
form, and sequential unity represented in my work.

Fine Art Vitae

The Munson Williams Procter Institute Museum School, Utica NY.  
Kirkland College (Hamilton). Painting, Art Education. Certified k-12.

Post Graduate:
Harvard University, GSD Drafting, Terrain Analysis, Interior Plantscape 

Radcliffe Seminars--four semesters Watercolor Painting 
Fitchburg State, Wetland Ecology, 

Kate Cardamone